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The first volume of Magic Woods stories!

Long ago, in Magic Woods, nobody could go outside. The animals who lived inside the big yellow mountain known as “Yesterday’s Macaroni” could never leave. For the outside world was far too dangerous. Outside lurked The Pumpkin of Magic Woods, an indestructible jack-o'-lantern who liked to turn Talking Animals to stone.

Then, one day in springtime, somebody opens a window. A sweet breeze blows into the mountain for the first time in maybe forever. And three young animals decide that they MUST go outside and see what it's like, no matter what dangers may await...

Kitty Karate and her friends are off to college! They journey to the city of Crisscross Applesauce and begin taking classes. They make lots of friends and their band achieves new heights of popularity.

But their fun times are continually interrupted by the misdeeds of various evildoers. And on top of that, a mysterious goddess named “Ma’ama” wants them to spend all their time on a quest to find a pair of lost magical crowns.

Ma’ama says that she can rid the world of evil if she possesses the Crowns. But is she REALLY on the side of good… or is she hiding a dark secret?

Kitty Karate and her friends build a fabulous new city in the wilds of Westland. It seems as if the Talking Animals are on the verge of a bright new golden age…

But evil still lurks in the shadows. Some of their most powerful enemies are still alive, waiting for the right moment to strike.

And the End of Magic Woods (long foretold in an ancient prophecy) is drawing nigh…

After most of the adult Meemies mysteriously disappear one Halloween night, a young girl named “Aira” decides to find out what happened.

Accompanied by her faithful companions, Katarina the kodkod and Dazzy the iridescent dragon, she embarks on a series of adventures to discover the truth.

But the more they uncover, the deeper the mystery seems to go…

Versa, Kira, and Phee are the best of friends, closer than siblings. They call themselves the Sisters of the Golden Circle.

Together, they are strong—strong enough to fight back against hungry monsters, poisonous snakes, duplicitous gnomes, giant spiders, and angry demi-goddesses. What could ever tear them apart?

They’re about to find out…

After Mandaloko created Magic Woods, there was peace and harmony in the forest for a long time. But all the while an evil being named “Serv” lurked in the shadows, biding his time, waiting for the chance to strike.

When it seems that Mandaloko has left Magic Woods for good, Serv makes his move. He sets in motion a Great War that will engulf the forest and destroy everything.

Now the only thing opposing him is an unlikely band of misfit children (a wingless Meemie, a flowery Stick Person, and a purple gallumpasaurus) and their wounded stinkbug.

This comprehensive guide contains hundreds of alphabetically-arranged entries covering all the characters, places, events, and themes that are mentioned or alluded to in the Magic Woods stories. It also includes a dozen maps and a detailed chronology.

It also contains a bonus Kitty, Doggie, & Bunny story: “Farewell, Animals, and Good Luck!"

For readers of all ages, this is the perfect guide to the enchanted world of Magic Woods!


Hello! My name is George Patrick Leal. I'm a father, storyteller, and teacher from Vermont. Over the past twenty-five years I've told hundreds of stories to hundreds of children. I'm always amazed at how raptly students listen to told-aloud stories. It's as if storytelling is something they need... as essential as water, or zinc, or sunshine.

And who knows? Maybe storytelling IS essential. Humans have always told tales and created pictures in their heads. Maybe that is what children need in this modern, screen-obsessed world: the opportunity to create their own mental images. Indeed, they often use visual language when they ask me to retell a tale--"Mr. Leal, can we SEE that story again?"

The "Magic Woods" stories have always been among the most popular of my tales. And now you (and the important children in your life!) can experience them yourself--either by listening online (the "Magic Woods" podcast) or by reading the books.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

All best,

George Patrick Leal