Welcome to the enchanted world of Magic Woods!

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Join Kitty, Doggie, Bunny (and Myrrh) on their exciting adventures in Magic Woods! This compilation contains every story from the first three seasons of the Magic Woods podcast, including fan favorites such as Dr. Didmore, Cookie Kitten, Golden Bubble Gum Backpack, Roo-Roo, The Music Contest, Doggie's Magic Wand, The Orange-Eye Club, The Battle at the Edge of the World, Chippy vs. The Pumpkin, Versa's Army, The Ghost of Flying Wormy McFuzzface, Spring Valley, The Pickle Juice Solution, Old Man Oak, Kitty's Super Suit, and The Wizard's Tale.

This comprehensive collection contains all the stories from the "Legends of Magic Woods" series, including fan favorites such as PKNA, The Nightbeast, Dazzy & Katarina, Alligator van Buren, The Goddess of Dreams, Faraway Fair, Green Touch Red, The Golden Circle, The Wizard's Fire, The Dinosaur Caravan, The Middle of the Battlefield, A Really Cool Stinkbug, Night of the Singing Stars, Potato Baby, Slimpin' Around, Call of the Breeza, Cannonball Eddy, The Great Ronzoni, Skyhorse, and Tomorrow... Or Today.

This comprehensive guide contains hundreds of alphabetically-arranged entries covering all the characters, places, events, and themes that are mentioned or alluded to in the Magic Woods stories. It also includes several maps and a detailed chronology of the history of that world.

For readers of all ages, this is the perfect guide to the enchanted world of Magic Woods!


Hello! My name is George Patrick Leal. I'm a father, storyteller, and teacher from Vermont. Over the past twenty-five years I've told hundreds of stories to hundreds of children. I'm always amazed at how raptly students listen to told-aloud stories. It's as if storytelling is something they need... as essential as water, or zinc, or sunshine.

And who knows? Maybe storytelling IS essential. Humans have always told tales and created pictures in their heads. Maybe that is what children need in this modern, screen-obsessed world: the opportunity to create their own mental images. Indeed, they often use visual language when they ask me to retell a tale--"Mr. Leal, can we SEE that story again?"

The "Magic Woods" stories have always been among the most popular of my tales. And now you (and the important children in your life!) can experience them yourself--either by listening online (the "Magic Woods" podcast) or by reading the books.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

All best,

George Patrick Leal